St Bernard Constructions is one of the most recognisable and reliable construction companies in the Northern Beaches and across Sydney with some 30 years experience in the residential construction industry.

Previously known as DL Constructions, we are a privately owned, Australian construction management company established in 2005 having evolved from a father and son building company based in Queensland.

With a reputation forged through the delivery of exceptional quality, design, finishes and customer service, our commitment to excellence is second to none.

The enduring success of our construction company is an intuitive ability to embrace the culture and demographic of each individual project and reflect that in an affordable and sustainable end product with timeless appeal.

This winning formula provides peace of mind when buying an apartment built by St Bernard Constructions – customers know exactly what they can expect because we consistently deliver a high level of amenity on every single project.

You can share in our success with a product and commitment to quality and service that will stand the test of time.

St Bernard Constructions is a member of Property Council of Australia and Master Builders Association
St Bernard Constructions has completed 36 construction projects since 2001.
St Bernard Constructions has built 825 dwellings since 2001.
St Bernard Constructions has 1,700 satisfied clients since 2001.