St Bernard Constructions provide a turnkey solution to our clients by being able to take a project from concept to completion for all residential developments, inclusive of post completion management for end users and purchasers.

We pride ourselves on being able to constantly deliver on timelines that may seem unachievable by industry standards. Our internal systems and procedures ensure we deliver without compromising on safety, quality or environmental impacts. These systems and procedures are constantly being refined for improvement, creating an edge on our competitors.

The commitment we take toward each project is there for the entire process – right through to taking ownership – and responsibility not only during the construction process but for the defects liability period that follows.

We have a strong, dynamic team of industry professionals driven to meet client needs and expectations and tailored for each project.

The key services St Bernard Constructions provide are:

  • Construction management
  • Design management
  • Value engineering
  • Cost planning and programing
  • Project management and delivery

Our strength is our autonomy. We take control of the whole construction process including legal documentation and registrations, negotiations and co-ordination with local governments, certifiers, service providers and authorities. This automony ensures delays are eliminated and client’s costs are reduced.

St Bernard Constructions is always professional.
St Bernard Constructions is a fully certified construction company.
St Bernard Constructions' is competitive on pricing.
St Bernard Constructions offers some 30 years of industry experience.